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  • Khafrepyramid

    Carolina Paddleboard Co. Training Paddles: Pyramid Intervals

    Pyramid intervals, also known as “Ladders,” are a variation of the standard intervals that many people often do. Interval training is especially useful for those looking to increase their speed. Over time, you will build up your ability to paddle harder for longer, i.e. your …

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  • Screen Shot 2015 08 31 At 9.24.35 AM

    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 9

    Join the crew as they travel north for the Endless SUP race in Asbury Park, NJ. After a grueling and choppy race, both sprints and distance, everyone heads back to NC… except for April, who had to immediately ┬áhop on a plane to Idaho for …

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  • Screen Shot 2015 08 12 At 5.12.10 PM

    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 8

    In the off season, the Carolina Paddleboard Co. crew spends a lot of time prepping for the on season. Rentals, lessons, and races take strength and endurance! A lot of time is spent in the gym and getting off-season metrics to assess progress. The gym …

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