Bark Vapor Stand Up Paddleboard Review 2016

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Bark Vapor Stand Up Paddleboard Review 2016

In this Carolina Paddleboard Co. review, we look at the 2016 Bark Vapor SUP by Surftech. With a rounded out nose and plenty of volume, the board paddles fast in the flats, but also looks promising for the surf zone and downwind runs.

Carolina Paddleboard Co. Video Review of the 2016 Bark Vapor SUP by Surftech

Joe Bark is a legend in the world of paddle sports, both prone and standup. And for 2016 he has designed a legendary new performance SUP race board, the Bark Vapor.

The 2016 Vapor series is an amazing group of performance stand up paddle boards that offer equally amazing speed, stability and glide. Jason Colclough of Carolina Paddleboard Co in Wilmington reviews the 2016 14’ version in this video clip and offers a few extra details about the board’s design and performance.

Crossover SUP’s have become increasingly popular this year and the Vapor basically takes the successful back half of Joe Bark’s winning race SUP designs and marries it to the front half of his phenomenal prone paddleboards. The result is a rounder nose than a traditional displacement hull, but the rail is softened up front and has a low enough profile that it is not affected too much by wind or cross chop. Plus the extra volume in the nose is awesome for downwind runs, especially in races like we have in Wrightsville Beach at the Carolina Cup. This is the perfect board for that race with the mix of conditions from open ocean to flatwater along with wind and currents. When you can only take one board and don’t know what the conditions are going to throw at you, the Bark Vapor will get it done and then some.

We reviewed the 14’ x 26” version in this video, but we also have the Vapor 12’6″ x 26″ in the shop at Carolina Paddleboard Co in Wilmington, NC. Other new BARK designs with the famous Pro-Elite construction for 2016 are the Contender Lite and Commander 12 narrow prone board.

Carolina Paddleboard Co is a stocking dealer for Bark paddleboards, both SUP and prone models, and you can literally paddle right out the door with our store location right on the Intracoastal Waterway in Wrightsville Beach, NC. We have a knowledgeable, dedicated staff that paddles every day and tests every production Bark model that we carry. We have one of the best selections of stand up paddle boards on the East Coast and look forward to helping you select your next board. Call us at 910-679-4473 to assist you in picking the perfect Bark model for you or shop online for Bark boards at

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