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    Carolina Paddleboard Co. Training Paddles: Pyramid Intervals

    Pyramid intervals, also known as “Ladders,” are a variation of the standard intervals that many people often do. Interval training is especially useful for those looking to increase their speed. Over time, you will build up your ability to paddle harder for longer, i.e. your …

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    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 9

    Join the crew as they travel north for the Endless SUP race in Asbury Park, NJ. After a grueling and choppy race, both sprints and distance, everyone heads back to NC… except for April, who had to immediately  hop on a plane to Idaho for …

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    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 8

    In the off season, the Carolina Paddleboard Co. crew spends a lot of time prepping for the on season. Rentals, lessons, and races take strength and endurance! A lot of time is spent in the gym and getting off-season metrics to assess progress. The gym …

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    Carolina Paddleboard Co. Training Paddles: HR Test

    Alrighty! As you may have already heard, we’re adding a Training Group to the Wednesday Night Tradition. Join us on if you haven’t already!!  Since 2011 we’ve been paddling around the island socially. There have been periods of quick paddling, and periods of slow …

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    The Crew Makes a ‘Mercial

    Alright, the gang has made a ‘mercial. It’s like a commercial, but it’s not. We hope you enjoy some footage of us just doing what we do. Then, if you ever have any paddling needs, we hope you’ll give us a call! From lessons and …

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    Outrigger Sessions

    Summer is in full swing, and we’re out paddling whenever we can. Flat water or open ocean, we’ve all been trying to log a few hours in the Outrigger Canoe. Before Johnny Puakea left town the other week, he and Jason had a chance to …

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    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 7 (Throwback Thursday)

    In this week’s Carolina Paddlin’ we dug up some footage from the long, cold winter months. In the midst of a heat wave, it’s good to reflect on colder days when we said we wouldn’t be complaining about the heat come summer! This episode includes …

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    How To: Put your SUP board on your car

    First, you want to ensure that the racks on your car have proper padding, such as soft racks… Or you can use an alternative, such as a SUP taxi, with a cradle to hold your boards. Secondly, you want to be sure to use the …

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    Shop Gear: 404 V3

    The V3 has taken the fastest aspects of both the Monster and Zeedonk, incorporating 404’s square rails, a new nose designed to glide above the water, a square tail, and a recessed deck. It is designed to have have the maximum amount of stability without …

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    Outrigger Canoes are HERE!

    Read about the history of Outriggers and a little bit more about the sport of Outrigger Canoeing here in our learn section! Click Here to SHOP for Outrigger Canoes!  

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