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    Carolina Paddleboard Co. Hoodies!

    Our hoodies aren’t just great for keeping warm when you get off the water or go to the grocery store… they do so much more. They open beer with the attached bottle opener They keep beer cold with a Built-In COOZY They keep coffee and …

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    Hurricane Gonzalo SUP Surf

    Carolina Paddleboard Co. riders Jason Colclough and Erik Bigsby enjoy some Hurricane Gonzalo swell on the new Hobie 8’4″ Torque and the JP Australia SUP surf boards. If you like the way the New Hobie 8’4″ handles, you can buy one RIGHT NOW: RIGHT HERE! …

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    Episode 3: Carolina Paddlin’

    Join the crew this week as summer wraps up and fall sets in. Carolina Paddleboard Co. presented the Chucktown Showdown, Charleston’s premier SUP race which attracted top-notch athletes from Canada, California, and the Caribbean. Our locals had a blast seeing old friends and trying to …

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  • Surf Booties

    Cold Weather Paddle Clothing

    Its starting to get chilly. Sort of! But best be prepared before you decide to go for a paddle and end up underdressed and shivering or overdressed and overheating. Flatwater Paddling: Dress for 20 Degrees Warmer The key to dressing for a paddle in the …

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    2015 Naish Preview

    We’re getting ready to unveil the new 2015 line of Naish boards, and things are “VERY EXCITING!” If you can’t make it into the shop to see the boards in person, be sure to check out the little informative video we’ve put together to acquaint …

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    Episode 2: Carolina Paddlin’

    This week we meet the local Naish & Kialoa rep, Chad Baird, and get a view into what it means to be a representative for some of our favorite brands. Some of the locals are also busy prepping for the upcoming Chucktown Showdown, one of …

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    Hurricane Cristobal SUP Surf

    Quickie compilation of some Hurricane Cristobal shots. Watch as Jason and Haywood catch a few waves (and maybe wipe out a bit) during the hurricane swell. Enjoy the music 😉

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    Episode 1: Carolina Paddlin’

    Join the Carolina Paddleboard Co. crew to see what a day in the life of a paddler is like! This week, join local paddlers as they learn new techniques with Dave Kalama, share the waterman’s lifestyle with kids, test out new equipment, and eat local, …

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    Hurricane Bertha SUP Surf

    Join Hobie team rider Haywood Newkirk as he spends a morning searching for some swell on the Carolina Coast… and we learn that the best way to find that swell, is BY BOAT!   Hobie Torques are some of the best SUP surf shapes around. …

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    Hurricane Arthur SUP Surf

    SUP session during the first Hurricane of 2014. See Carolina Paddleboard Co riders catch a few waves from the paddle’s point of view!

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