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    Hobie CM Pro SUP Review & Ride with Haywood Newkirk on the 8’10”

    Join Haywood Newkirk, Hobie Team Janitor, as he reviews the 8’10” CM PRO Surf SUP after his trip to Costa Rica. From overhead conditions in CR, to flat days in NC this board catches everything and handles extremely well. If you’re looking for a 1-board-quiver, …

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    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 16

    This week on Carolina Paddlin’ The boys head up north to race the Liberty Challenge in New York, while April galavants around Europe on the EuroTour of SUP. Ann holds down the fort…

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    Get Stoked: Saturday Morning SUP Fitness Classes

    Join us every Saturday morning this summer for a rad way to work out and enjoy the water. Stand Up Paddleboard Fitness classes utilize the full body workout of SUP to enhance a robust calisthenic land-based routine. To sign up, head over to AxisFitnessTraining.comĀ and scroll …

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    The Science Behind the New 2016 Futures SUP Fins

    We’ve talked in the past about how to pick a fin. Each fin is geared towards different conditions and goals of paddlers. Certain fins help in rougher waters, they can add stability or increase mobility of a board. Some fins aid in tracking, maximizing a …

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    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 15

    This week on Carolina Paddlin’ : the crew heads out for some runs in the Puakea Designs 6-man Outrigger Canoe. Then April teams up with Ann and Chris for some sessions in the OC2. Finally, Jeremy Whitted, the South Carolina barnacle keeps getting really, really …

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    Hobie Performance Lab: Order a Custom Shape!

    Staying true to Hobie’s Heritage, Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards offers custom boards from their Performance Lab. For those looking to grab something outside of the norm, we can help you dial in a custom shape or color from the Hobie Performance Lab. From Surf SUPs …

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    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 14

    This week, join CPC head honcho Jason and CPC barnacle Lama on their trip to Costa Rica for Sun, Surf, and Sand. These guys flew south to avoid some cooler weather in North Carolina. While there, not only did they get to enjoy the sun, …

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    Hobie Corky Carroll 933 SUP Surf Board

    Corky Carroll has designed the CC933 to be very similar to his surf board. The CC933 is 9’3″ and 33″ wide to make it a very stable stand up paddle surf board. However, the bottom contours, rails, and nose make it surf like a “shortboard …

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    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 13

    Lucky number 13! Join Carolina Paddleboard Co. riders April and Corey as they venture to the west coast for the Pacific Paddle games and some time in the Salt Life baja car in Barstow. A very special thanks to our special guests, Jeff Alter, Colin …

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    Coastal Adventures with Haywood Newkirk

    Join Haywood Newkirk, Hobie team “janitor,” through a fall of SUP surfing. Its just another Carolina Day, cruising to surf breaks, paddling right of the boat, and playing with his new Hobie Colin McPhillips Longboard style SUP. Shop SURF SUPS NOW!

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