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    How To: Put your Outrigger Canoe in the water from a dock! | Carolina Paddleboard Co. How To’s

    In this short How To video, Chris and Erik show us how to put our Outrigger Canoe into the water from a dock. They go on to show us how to get in the boat, then how to get out of the boat and get …

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    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 15

    This week on Carolina Paddlin’ : the crew heads out for some runs in the Puakea Designs 6-man Outrigger Canoe. Then April teams up with Ann and Chris for some sessions in the OC2. Finally, Jeremy Whitted, the South Carolina barnacle keeps getting really, really …

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    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 12

    Join the crew for “Local’s Summer,” arguably the best time of the year!! We’re almost to December and the weather is still warm and mild. CPC Barnacles are enjoying the warm water on SUPs, Erik is leading the charge in the OC-1, and April is …

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    The Freak’s Big Epiphany

    This is why we paddle. When you’re out there pushing yourself, and you’re out of your comfort zone… and you have that brief moment of fear. The “Oh Shit” face is on. Then it happens. You realized that you’re really not about to die, you’re …

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    Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 10

    The Outrigger Edition Join the crew this week as they get acquainted with the outrigger canoes. ┬áNot only did everyone get some time in the boat, but we had a chance to work with Johnny Puakea, designer of the Ehukai (one of the shops FAVORITE …

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    How to Rig your Outrigger Canoe

    For all of our friends getting outrigger canoes this fall and spring, we wanted to share a brief “How To” just in case you weren’t sure how to rig your new Outrigger Canoe! Erik takes the time to show proper outrigger canoe rigging on the …

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    Outrigger Sessions

    Summer is in full swing, and we’re out paddling whenever we can. Flat water or open ocean, we’ve all been trying to log a few hours in the Outrigger Canoe. Before Johnny Puakea left town the other week, he and Jason had a chance to …

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    Outrigger Canoes are HERE!

    Read about the history of Outriggers and a little bit more about the sport of Outrigger Canoeing here in our learn section! Click Here to SHOP for Outrigger Canoes!  

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