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    Hobie CM Pro SUP Review & Ride with Haywood Newkirk on the 8’10”

    Join Haywood Newkirk, Hobie Team Janitor, as he reviews the 8’10” CM PRO Surf SUP after his trip to Costa Rica. From overhead conditions in CR, to flat days in NC this board catches everything and handles extremely well. If you’re looking for a 1-board-quiver, …

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    “The List”… of Used Boards Summer 2016

    Each year we have a few used boards that are awesome deals. Here are the new ones for this year. Call the shop or swing by for more info, or to see the goods! Boards Quantity Year Notes SIC X-14 TWC 1 Used $800 ding …

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    Hobie Performance Lab: Order a Custom Shape!

    Staying true to Hobie’s Heritage, Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards offers custom boards from their Performance Lab. For those looking to grab something outside of the norm, we can help you dial in a custom shape or color from the Hobie Performance Lab. From Surf SUPs …

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    Hobie Corky Carroll 933 SUP Surf Board

    Corky Carroll has designed the CC933 to be very similar to his surf board. The CC933 is 9’3″ and 33″ wide to make it a very stable stand up paddle surf board. However, the bottom contours, rails, and nose make it surf like a “shortboard …

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    Naish Maliko 2016 Stand Up Paddleboard Review

    2016 Naish Maliko Review The Carolina Paddleboard Co. crew reviews the 2016 Naish Maliko. With a rounded nose that releases water, it is a fun and stable board to paddle in the flats. Although, its generous volume, straight rails, and rockered nose make it a …

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    Coastal Adventures with Haywood Newkirk

    Join Haywood Newkirk, Hobie team “janitor,” through a fall of SUP surfing. Its just another Carolina Day, cruising to surf breaks, paddling right of the boat, and playing with his new Hobie Colin McPhillips Longboard style SUP. Shop SURF SUPS NOW!

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    Shop Gear: 404 V3

    The V3 has taken the fastest aspects of both the Monster and Zeedonk, incorporating 404’s square rails, a new nose designed to glide above the water, a square tail, and a recessed deck. It is designed to have have the maximum amount of stability without …

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  • how to buy an sup by Jason at CPC

    SUP Surfboards: Choosing the Right Surf SUP

    To help you with choosing the right Surf SUP, in the final installment of our How to Buy an SUP series, Jason from Carolina Paddleboard Co in Wilmington, NC  shares a few great SUP buying tips for surf-style stand up paddleboards. When you choose your first stand …

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    How to Choose a SUP Race Board: SUP Buying Part 2

    So you’ve been paddling for awhile now and you’re looking for something more … like How to Choose a SUP Race Board? So we got April from Carolina Paddleboard Co in Wilmington, NC to share a few great tips for buying an SUP for racing …

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    How to Buy an SUP Part 1: Choosing the Right All Around Stand Up Paddleboard

    Enquiring minds want to know How to Buy an SUP, so we got Ann from Carolina Paddleboard Co in Wilmington, NC to share a few great SUP buying tips. In this first of a 3-part series on choosing the right SUP, Ann explains how to …

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