SUP Surfboards: Choosing the Right Surf SUP

how to buy an sup by Jason at CPC

SUP Surfboards: Choosing the Right Surf SUP

To help you with choosing the right Surf SUP, in the final installment of our How to Buy an SUP series, Jason from Carolina Paddleboard Co in Wilmington, NC  shares a few great SUP buying tips for surf-style stand up paddleboards.

When you choose your first stand up paddle board for surfing, you will want to look at the type of stand up surfing you’ll be doing. Are you more of a longboard style rider, or do you want a quick, short board feel? Do you like flying down the line or carving and throwing spray. Or like many who are new to SUP surfing, is this your first attempt at surfing altogether?

There are also niche stand up paddleboards that are more specialized. Some of the basic things to look at when purchasing a SUP surfboard include length, rocker, rails, tail-shape, bottom contours and fin setup.

It also goes without saying that you must account for your skill level at stand up surfing. Buy a surf SUP that’s too small to stand on and you’ll spend more time falling in the water and climbing back on than surfing. If you’ve been cruising on an 11-foot all rounder with 175 liters of volume, you may want to think twice before stepping down to an 8-foot, 98-liter pro-model surfboard. Consider moving down in a progression, and maintain enough width and volume to allow you to still maintain balance and paddle speed while improving your balance and surf skills.

So what’s the Best SUP Surfboard for you?

Watch the video below for more tips on buying a surf paddleboard.


As always, you’re welcome to come by or call us at 910-679-4473 to discuss your needs and skill level and let us help match you to the perfect board or just give you more information about the key factors you see here. Or shop us online if you’re ready to buy.