Carolina Paddleboard Co. Hoodies!

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Carolina Paddleboard Co. Hoodies!

Our hoodies aren’t just great for keeping warm when you get off the water or go to the grocery store… they do so much more.


  • They open beer with the attached bottle opener
  • They keep beer cold with a Built-In COOZY
  • They keep coffee and other warm beverages WARM
  • They keep your hands WARMER
  • 10177918_695589140537170_8688978874175839681_nYou could use it as a towel if you forgot to bring one after paddling
  • Our hoodies can be used as night-wear or pajamas
  • They make a fashion statement
  • You can fly them as a flag
  • They show people you’re from the Carolinas, the greatest region on earth!
  • You can roll them up and use them as a pillow
  • They can be used as a dog bed
  • You can cover your nose and mouth if Jason farts



Sean Douglas from Hobie has an even better use: