Episode 5: Carolina Paddlin’

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Episode 5: Carolina Paddlin’

The weather gets colder, but that doesn’t slow down the CPC crew. First, Jason and April head to St. Petersburg, Florida for the World Paddle Association Championships. The race was challenging and windy, but warm! After amazing performances by Danny Ching (1st), Ryan Helm (2nd), and Chase Kosterlitz (3rd) in the men’s division, Chase was still able to claim the Salt Life Cup title due to his accumulation of points from WPA National Races throughout the season.

In the women’s, April paddled her butt off to take the Women’s Technical win and also the lead in the Salt Life points, but hot on her heels in both races were Helga Goebel and Kim Barnes.

After the warm, sunny races in Florida, the whole crew raced the Surf to Sound Challenge at home in Wrightsville Beach. The COLD wind was howling at 30+mph and many competitors were pulled off the course. Erik charged out through the surf, taking a few other paddlers out in the process! Before the race there were costumes and candy at the Blockade Runner for Halloween. Afterwards, there were cookie prizes for every age division and board class. The Surf to Sound is now the “sugar high” race.

Back at the shop, John Beausang “Head Mullet” is demoing new 2015 race boards. He seems to be falling in love with a few, who knows what he’ll choose for a new board this year.
Amidst all of the paddling, the shop gets a new counter made my Jeremy Whitted himself while the crew decorates for Christmas. But the questions still remains, “Where is the farting Santa?”