SUP Buoy Turns (Pivot Turns): Everything You Wanted to Know

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SUP Buoy Turns (Pivot Turns): Everything You Wanted to Know

This is an in depth analysis of how to do a SUP Buoy Turn, or Pivot Turn, on a Stand Up Paddleboard.
Without bouncing back and losing momentum, you should cross step or side step down the centerline of the board to the back where there’s a “sweet spot” that you’re able to stand on stably while controlling the pitch of your board by leaning forward or backwards. Once you’ve got the proper foot placement and the proper pitch you can do a wide sweep stroke with your torso, following through behind the board for the fullest turn possible.

If you don’t like to turn on your non-dominant side, you don’t have to put your non-dominant foot back. You can still set up for the turn with your dominant, more-stable, foot back, but then you have to do multiple short sweep strokes instead of the longer, more efficient turn. Both have their merits.

To improve your buoy turns, or pivot turns, you can practice cross stepping on land. You can also practice finding the sweet spot while on your knees and doing sweep strokes from your knees.

This is meant to be a longer, more in depth video explaining Buoy Turns for Stand Up Paddling. As always, we hope this helps… but we do lessons, too! We would be happy to do a one-on-one session with you to take a more personal approach looking at your turns, your board, and what you should do to improve!