Hobie SUP: Stand Up Paddle Boards from a Legend

image of Hobie SUP surfboard-

Hobie SUP at Carolina Paddleboard Co Wilmington NCHobie Stand Up Paddle Boards have an incredible pedigree that began with Hobie Alter, the man behind the brand. Carolina Paddleboard has had a long relationship with Hobie and is proud to be a stocking dealer for the Hobie line of SUP’s and stand up paddleboards in Wilmington, NC. Click to see Hobie boards on our shopping site or stop by the shop to see our latest inventory.

The history behind the Hobie brand is very interesting. Hobie Alter actually started out shaping surfboards in the 1950’s in his parent’s garage as his love of woodworking expanded into the sport of surfing.

He literally ordered a shipment of balsawood and carved out his first surfboard by hand with his drawknife. It wasn’t long before Hobie’s new endeavor turned into a business as friends started dropping by the house and things kept getting busier and busier – no more room in the garage for the family Buick.

Hobie started right as the sport of surfing was blossoming and in just a few short years, Hobie opened up Southern California’s first surf shop in Dana Point. A few years later experimenting with good friend Gordon “Grubby” Clark (of Clark Foam fame) they developed the polyurethane foam surfboard. Of course these new boards were lighter, faster and easier to ride than anything else at the time. Surfing became the next “hot” thing and everyone wanted to be on a Hobie. It wasn’t long before the Beach boys were making surf records in the mid 60’s and Hobie had a surf team comprised of surfing greats like Micky Munoz, Corky Carroll and Herbie Fletcher.

Not long after this in the late 60’s, Hobie branched out and started working with boats. He developed a new prototype, lightweight twin-hulled catamaran that did the same thing for boating that the foam surfboard did for surfing. You’ve probably heard of the “Hobie Cat” name, and now you know where the world’s best-selling sailboat design came from. He went on to design a number of other successful hull shapes and boat designs from a power skiff to a 60-foot ocean power cat as wellas fishing floats, kayaks and more.

Ultimately the Hobie name has been associated with the best in boating, skateboards, polarized sunglasses, sportswear and of course stand up paddleboards. Hobie was a true waterman in every sense of the word and his namesake company continues to reflect his legacy for quality and performance on the water. If you buy a Hobie SUP you’re not just riding a great stand up paddle board, you’re paddling a piece of history.