How to Buy an SUP Part 1: Choosing the Right All Around Stand Up Paddleboard

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How to Buy an SUP Part 1: Choosing the Right All Around Stand Up Paddleboard

Enquiring minds want to know How to Buy an SUP, so we got Ann from Carolina Paddleboard Co in Wilmington, NC to share a few great SUP buying tips. In this first of a 3-part series on choosing the right SUP, Ann explains how to buy a stand up paddleboard, specifically the key considerations for purchasing an All-Around Stand UP Paddleboard.

Watch Part 1 of the video below to pick the best SUP for you, and make sure to read the rest of this article for more tips on how to select a stand up paddle board.

What stand up paddle board should I buy?

When asking, “What paddleboard should I buy?” particularly if you are buying your first SUP and trying to zero in on the general shape of the board, you’ll want to look at what you will be doing most with your new stand up paddle board. There are a number of initial considerations besides just what size SUP to buy. Do you plan to just cruise around on the flat water? Will you likely be surfing more? Or are you a Yoga enthusiast looking for a new challenge?

Characteristics of All Around SUP’s

All around stand up paddle boards have a mix of characteristics that make them good for flat water paddling, surfing and yoga … all wrapped in one. Probably the most identifiable characteristic of an all-around board is its full rounded nose shape versus the long, pointy nose of race boards or the narrow rockered noses and foiled decks of dedicated surf boards.

When SUP buying for flat water cruising, you want to look for a longer paddleboard with plenty of volume for kids or pets and gear. These boards are usually fairly wide and thick with a straightish rail line. These traits combine to make a board which tracks well while offering plenty of stability.

If you are trying to select a stand up paddleboard for SUP surfing, you may want a narrower profile with different tail characteristics and more rocker. Generally both the nose and tail will be more “pinched in” than the boards for flat water cruising. This makes the boards easier to turn but may sacrifice some of the stability, depending on your skill. Where you may choose an all-rounder in the 10, 11 or 12-foot lengths for flat water cruising, you may prefer a more surf-oriented all-around board in the 9’6″ – 10’6″ range to allow for more maneuverability. And this size range still offers ease of paddling and plenty of stability, unlike the 98 liter 8′ pro model SUP surf boards. that you can barely stand on.

Finally, if you’re into SUP fitness or SUP yoga, you will want an all around board that’s wider and grippy from nose to tail to provide traction and stability for your SUP workouts.

Whatever your plans for paddleboarding, whether it’s leisurely flat water cruising, performance surfing, competitive racing or yoga, at Carolina Paddleboard Co we have the answers to help you choose a stand up paddleboard for all your needs. Call us at 910-679-4473 for more SUP tips, or shop us online if you’re ready to buy.