How To: Put your SUP board on your car

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How To: Put your SUP board on your car

First, you want to ensure that the racks on your car have proper padding, such as soft racks… Or you can use an alternative, such as a SUP taxi, with a cradle to hold your boards.

Secondly, you want to be sure to use the correct straps if your rack system doesn’t come with built in straps, to hold the board down. Spring loaded cam straps are strong and safe for your boards. Other strap systems, such as ratchet straps, should not be used because they are easy to over-tighten, which can damage the rails of the board without you noticing. Bungee cords are also not something you want to use to secure the board to the car, they have too much give and do not hold the board tightly against the racks.

Once you’re sure you have all the necessary equipment, you’ll want to get the board onto your car. There are a few different ways depending on your strength, the height of your car, and if you have any friends around. You can carry it individually and get it on your roof by lifing it. If you can’t quite get it over head, but there’s no one around to help you can use a yoga mat to set it on the nose, and lean the tail up against the car. Once here you can lift at the nose and slide the board easily onto the padded roof racks.

Whenever you have a friend around, the easiest way to get a board onto a car is to lift together. One person at the nose, and the other at the tail, makes it really easy to lift and place a board onto a car.

Finally, when your board is up top its time to cinch it down. If you have a system like the SUP taxi, you just fling the straps over and latch them down. Systems like this are nice because they have a built in locking mechanism and steel reinforced straps to prevent theft. Cinch straps work fine for travelling long distances. However, if you’re worried about leaving your board on your car when you get to where you’re going, you may want to purchase locking straps.

We hope this brief tutorial will help you in getting your new boards loaded up safely and securely.