How to Rig your Outrigger Canoe

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How to Rig your Outrigger Canoe

For all of our friends getting outrigger canoes this fall and spring, we wanted to share a brief “How To” just in case you weren’t sure how to rig your new Outrigger Canoe! Erik takes the time to show proper outrigger canoe rigging on the Puakea Designs Ehukai from Outrigger Zone. As always, Call the shop if you have any questions!

When you rig your outrigger canoe, you will go front to back. Start with the front ‘īako, you can tell the front ‘īako from the back because it will have a push pin to lock on both sides. Fix the longer part of the ‘īako into the boat, pushing the pin down while inserting, until it pops up in the lock. Then go do the same at the back. Push the back ‘īako into the boat, holding down the pin while inserting, until it pops in the lock. Once both ‘īako are in, you can attach the ama. You will attach the front of the ama first. Pushing the pin down, insert the short end of the ‘īako into the front hole in the ama. The front ‘īako attachment has two pin holes in the ama, a top and bottom. The top hole is for most people under 170, while the bottom hole is usually used for people 170 and up. Sometimes, if a smaller paddler who wants to rig it “ama heavy” will use the bottom hole to give the boat more left lean, making it easier to balance. The back ‘īako attachment is a tension setting. Cradling the ama with your left arm, push the ‘īako gently forward at the bend with your right hand while simultaneously pushing down. The ‘īako should slide into the ama, leaving about an inch of sanded area exposed. To lock this setting into place, tighten the screw to just finger tight.

When it comes time pack up your new outrigger canoe and explore a new area, you’ll start at the back and work forward. After loosening the back screw, take the ‘īako out of the ama by cradling the ama while gently lifting and pushing on the ‘īako. Set the ‘īako onto the tension screw and go to the front of the boat. Push the pin of the ‘īako down and remove it from the ama, lift the boat slightly with the ‘īako so that you can pick up and move the ama out of the way. With the ama set aside or put away, you can remove the back ‘īako, then the front, both by pushing the pin down in the boat and sliding the ‘īako out. After removing the front ‘īako be sure to make sure the body of the canoe is stable and safe before walking away to put away the ‘īako. Continue to put away your canoe parts and body.

Here’s a video of all the fun: