JP Australia SUP Stand Up Paddleboards

JP Australia Surf Stand Up Paddleboard SUPJP Australia SUP Paddleboards are some of the most eye-catching paddle boards you’ll see on the water with a distinctive color combination and unique style that stands out above the crowd. But these SUP’s are more than just good looks. These boards really perform and have been tested in some of the toughest conditions from open ocean downwinders to pounding surf contests and fast flatwater races. Regardless of your paddling interest, JP Australia has a board design that will fill your needs. Shop Online for JP Australia Here!


Here are just a few of the choices from the JP Australia line:


The JP surf line is based on radical surf board designs and adjusted for paddling. Every dimension has a selected form employed in the dimensions suited to the size with a narrow pointy nose, thin smooth rails, high entry, nice rocker and tail kick.
This gives an incredible free-riding experience, wonderful grip and a true surf board feeling. The JP Surf line’s distinctive fin angle idea is unmatched with regards to down the line speed necessary for either catching waves or busting aerials. New for 2015 are Resin Transfer Molded fins in the PRO line and of course the extremely popular SURF 8’6”x29” that may be a brand-new board now with a somewhat radical outline, narrow nose and progressive rocker shape.


JP Australia is known for winning shapes in SUP racing. To avoid confusion in 2015 they have created two categories of stand up paddle boards for racing: RACE and RACE OPEN OCEAN.

The RACE boards feature a unique bottom and rocker shape that still handles rough conditions well. After all, how often do you encounter perfect, glassy flatwater conditions on race day. Two widths are available in each class and they have the  proven sharp piercing nose. Volume has been reduced in the nose section to reduce the influence of side winds. The cockpit area has a slightly sunken design flowing into a quick water release shape with just a hint of tail rocker to reduce drag on the exit.

The RACE OPEN OCEAN models are an excellent choice for ocean or downwind races due to the fairly curved rocker line. The overall design is very similar to the RACE model, but the extra rocker of the Ocean model is designed to help the rider catch the open ocean swells.

The construction of all the RACE boards is the “no-compromise” full deck and bottom carbon wrap, and JP Australia also introduces grab handles instead of the built in ones for even lower weight.