Naish SUP: Stand Up Paddle Boards from Team Naish

Naish Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s) have steadily become one of the iconic brands in the sport of paddleboarding. Led by founder, Robby Naish, the Naish SUP Brand is recognized world-wide as a leading boardriding company.

From racing to surfing to cruising, Carolina Paddleboard Company is proud to be a stocking dealer for Naish, and our paddle pro’s are prepared to assist you with expert advice in choosing a Naish SUP.

If you are new to paddleboarding, it is hard to describe the feeling and the freedom of being on the water on a stand up paddle board. For instance the exhilaration of taking off on your first wave and flying across the water as you glide down the line is like no other experience. Imagine the thrill of learning to surf for the first time, or if you’re an old salt, finding the stoke of your childhood by learning something new. As you kick out and paddle back to the lineup, an appreciation of the design quality of a Naish surfboard is realized. Perfect outline shape, rails, rocker and bottom contours all blend to make the experience as effortless as possible. You’ll be the envy of the lineup as you catch wave after wave.

Or perhaps race competition is your thing. Look no further than Naish Team Rider and 2014 Stand Up World Champion, Kai Lenny, for inspiration and motivation. He could probably paddle a door faster than most people could paddle their race board, but he chooses to ride Naish. Kai is a native of Hawaii, Maui to be exact, which is the world headquarters for Naish. And there is probably no better place on the planet for your “watersports research lab” than Hawaii. It’s little wonder Robby Naish’s years on the water combined with input from pro’s like Kai has led to such high performance board riding equipment. The Naish Javelin LE series is worth a demo if you want to get into stand up paddle racing.

But perhaps you’re not into hardcore racing or have no plans to end up becoming a “surfer dude.” Going for a flat-water paddle around the coastal marshes or inland waterways in your locale can be one of the most relaxing activities you can find. After all, every day on the water is a good day. And of course Naish stand up paddleboards have you covered with the perfect choice for chillin’ on the water on an all around board or flat water cruiser. Ninja Fortress :: Viewing profile – Free Slots