Shop Gear: Puakea Designs Catch 22 Paddle

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Shop Gear: Puakea Designs Catch 22 Paddle

CPC Rider Chris Sowden hit the water last week with his new 404 and the Puakea Catch 22 paddle. We snagged this little review and a quick video of him paddling with it!

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ITEM-All Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle
COLOR-Black Carbon w/ Yellow Graphics on Blade
BLADE WIDTH- = 8.00” to 8.5”
MATERIALS-100% carbon fiber construction


Designer. Coach. Paddler.
Johnny Puakea is the founder of Puakea Designs, an innovative paddlesport design company that delivers products and services to elite-level as well as recreational paddlers. Puakea Designs team riders include world-champion paddlers Danny Ching, Jimmy Austin, and Lauren Spalding.

The Design:

Johnny Paukea comes from the world of outrigger canoe racing where the reach of the paddle is very important. The most important part of the stroke is the catch. In the SUP paddle design the long shaft allows for a paddler to have a long reach. The Catch 22 is made to have less of an angle on the blade to allow for a better catch into the water. The paddle comes in 3 different sizes that range from 8 inches to 8.5 inches. The blade has a thicker bottom edge that locks the paddle in place when it enters the water and also allows for a smoother release out of the water.


The Catch 22 is a lot of fun to paddle. The blade enters the water smoothly and with very little noise (splash). Once the blade enters the water you can really feel how the new blade design wants to grab the water. When transitioning from the catch to the power phase, the paddle is amazing and easy on the shoulders. The blade exits out of the water with ease and allows for a better recovery phase of the paddle stroke. It is constructed out of 100% carbon fiber, which makes the paddle very light. This paddle is great for anyone who is looking a for a touring or race paddle.

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Posted by Chris Sowden on Wednesday, May 27, 2015