SIC SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards

SIC X Pro 12'6" Race SUPThe SIC SUP line, known as “Sandwich Islands Composites,” is the vision of master shaper and board designer, Mark Raaphorst. Mark has more than 20 years experience building surfboards, windsurfers and outrigger canoes and has gathered great feedback in the process from his own experience on the water as well as the podium finishes by elite racers on his shapes. This has led to a design emphasis on creating stand up paddleboards that are fast, smooth gliding and very maneuverable.

Mark and SIC are pioneers in the SUP industry and particularly in SUP race board designs with some of the winningest designs on the water. Speed and agility are the qualities the SIC race boards are known for along with great craftsmanship and attention to detail. SIC SUP boards are “slippery” on the water with sleek lines and are now available in narrower widths and lighter weights in the X series (consider the SIC X-14 PRO SUP Race Board) for even more speed for lighter paddlers.

SIC has been a consistent innovator over the years and is well-renowned for their construction techniques in both composite and hollow hull designs.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting into paddling, in either open ocean or flat water racing, or you’re just looking for a fun board for touring or fitness; SIC has an SUP for you in multiple designs, constructions and price ranges. Shop for SIC here!