Sunset SUP Series, Current Rankings

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Sunset SUP Series, Current Rankings

The current count for the Sunset SUP Series is listed below. Some people have been entering different divisions in different weeks, which I haven’t decided how to handle yet 😉
Lowest point score in a division is the current leader. The points breakdown each week is 0.75 points to first place (which carries a little bit higher weight), then 2,3,4,etc. onward as you go down the list of finishers. When you don’t show up for a week, you get the number of points +1 of the last finisher. This rewards the finishers that show up on days with more participants.

Check out the fun here:
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Rankings as of 7/19/2016

31 Kevin G. Com/Kids
7 Georgia B. Kids
12 Zoey B. Kids
14 Dylan G. Kids
14.75 Kyle Kids
7.5 Chris S. OC
8 Eric R. OC
12.75 Emily D. OC
12.75 John B. OC
14 Barry B. OC
15 Dave B. OC
16 James B. OC
9.5 Karen W. SUP-Ch
17.25 Eric J. SUP-Ch
25.25 Corey C. SUP-Ch
28 Eric C. SUP-Ch
29 Jamie P. SUP-Ch
30.75 Sandy M. SUP-Ch
31.75 Steve T. SUP-Ch
42 Ed P. SUP-Ch
42 Mark S. SUP-Ch
43 Seth R. SUP-Ch
45 Rick SUP-Ch
48 Rod C. SUP-Ch
49 Haywood SUP-Ch
50.75 Harrison D. SUP-Ch
50.75 Anna B. SUP-Ch
53 Nick F. SUP-CH
53 Tommy A SUP-Ch
55 Rob M. SUP-Ch
45.75 Scott G. SUP-Ch-Com
54 Brett SUP-Ch-Com
31.75 Nikki B. SUP-Com
36.5 Terri C. SUP-Com
38.75 Campbell C. SUP-Com
39 Larry C. Sup-Com
40 Jackson B. SUP-Com
44 Brahm F. SUP-Com
48.75 Chad B. Sup-Com
49 Bill P SUP-Com
50 Joe O. SUP-Com