Downwind SUP Lessons

paddle boarders taking a downwind sup lessonFor stand up paddlers seeking a fun, new challenge, open ocean Downwind SUP Lessons are perfect. 1-on-1 or in small groups, lessons are $50/hr/person with one of our expert downwind sup coaches at Carolina Paddleboard Co.

Based right here in the Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach, NC area, our ocean SUP lessons include safely launching and exiting the surf zone, paddling in the open ocean with wind and ground swell, and then utilizing those swells to propel your board.

Downwind SUP lessons help a paddler become more efficient. When open ocean paddling with the wind and swell, you can minimize the amount you paddle and maximize your time riding the “bumps” or swell. It’s a little like surfing wave after wave and never hitting the shore.

Paddlers can expect to learn downwind SUP technique to read the water, catch swells, and link them together to create an exciting ride! Students will learn to brace and steer with their paddle, as well as walking the board and proper positioning for catching, riding, and exiting bumps. A trained downwind SUP instructor will be there at your side coaching you and telling you when to paddle harder, when to let one go, and when to let the board glide until you get the hang of it.

Our staff is also available to answer any questions or concerns you may have with the SUP boards, fins and equipment used in downwind SUP and open ocean conditions. Call us today to schedule your next downwind sup lesson.

Check out a Downwind SUP session on Youtube: