SUP Surfing Lessons

female SUP surfing in Wrightsville Beach NCIf you’re ready to upgrade your stand up paddle board surfing skills and take on the waves, maybe it’s time to consider SUP Surf Lessons from the paddle pro’s at Carolina Paddleboard Co. in Wilmington, NC. 1-on-1 SUP lessons (or small groups of friends) are $50/hr/person. In these ocean SUP surf coaching sessions we stress safety and surf zone etiquette. With 4 miles of beach breaks to choose from, Wrightsville Beach has waves year-round, and we can also provide answers and suggestions to any questions you have involving SUP surf boards and equipment.

The first SUP surf lesson covers paddling out, where and how to fall, proper board and paddle position, and how to maintain control of your equipment. Before heading out into the waves, we’ll cover bracing strokes, accelerations, turns, and how to switch to a surf stance from your flat-water paddling stance.

Once a paddler is proficient in the flats, we’ll hit the waves and start punching out and gaining confidence in the surf zone. Paddlers will work on braces, turns, and skills in the ocean swells.

Paddlers can expect to catch a wave in their first lesson, walking away with a better understanding of ocean SUP and the skills necessary to continue practicing on their own.

Once a paddler is consistently standing, turning, and able to catch waves, we offer lessons for intermediate and advanced SUP surfing. Learn to read waves and catch more of them, start going down the line and turning on the waves. Improve your stance and adjust your position on the board for different waves. Paddle skills and blade articulation are also big parts of SUP surfing when compared to regular surfing, and will be covered in more advanced lessons.

You can find SUP surfing tips on the Web, on YouTube and in print media. But if you really want to learn to surf on a SUP, you owe it to yourself to get hands-on training in the water from the experts at Carolina Paddleboard Co. As surfers, competitors and teachers we’re in and on the water everyday and have the SUP surf experience to help you take your paddleboarding to the next level. Call us today to schedule your SUP surfing lesson.