SUP Paddles: How to Choose the Right SUP Paddle

SUP Paddles

SUP Paddles: How to Choose the Right SUP Paddle

SUP PaddlesIf you’re asking How to Choose the Right SUP Paddle, Erik from Carolina PaddleBoard Co. in Wilmington, NC discusses a few key components of SUP paddles to help answer your questions. Although a paddle looks like a fairly simple instrument, a number of considerations go into buying a stand up paddleboard paddle.

Choosing what paddle to buy for stand up paddleboarding

You have a few basic questions to answer upfront. For instance, if you’re going to be a more recreational paddler, you may lean towards a fiberglass paddle, especially one that is adjustable for length. Fiberglass paddles are less expensive and generally more durable.

If you’re into SUP racing or you’re planning to ramp up your fitness, you’ll want a paddle that is light to reduce the wear and tear on your body. Lighter, carbon-fiber paddles also come with different blade shapes, sizes, and shaft-types. Some paddle blades emphasize the catch of the stroke, while others are more efficient through the power phase of the paddle stroke.

Depending on existing injuries and strength, you’ll also want to choose the proper blade size. The current trend seems to be going smaller, emphasizing higher cadence strokes. The paddle shafts are designed with flex ratings. Choosing to have more or less flex is something that depends on your personal preference and your body; height, weight and strength will be big factors here.

When it comes to SUP surfing, we would likely show you a paddle with more flex to decrease the impact on the shoulder when carving in the waves, and also cut the length down so you have a quicker transfer when switching from frontside to backside. In all cases, you can be sure that if you call us at Carolina PaddleBoard Co., we will ask you plenty of questions, get to know you, and help you choose the right paddle! Don’t get overwhelmed, get educated!

So what’s the best SUP paddle for you?

Watch the paddle video below for more answers on how to choose a paddle for SUP or come by our shop for a fitting.