T’was the Week Before Christmas

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T’was the Week Before Christmas



T’was the week before Christmas…
And what did arrive?
But a Puakea Designs Outrigger
With 6 paddlers inside

Tucked in their seats deep
They paddled away
Around the waters of Wrightsville
On the coldest of days

On April, On Anne
On Corey, On Chris
On Jason, and Erik
And others we missed

In seat one sat April
Red Season 5 hoodie so bright
Keeping the cadence
And Keeping it just right.

In seat two was Ann
Jeering us on when she spoke
She’s working on endurance
And the length of her stroke

In seat three was Corey
Who had to keep pace with his wife
What worse torture than this
Like every other day of his life

In seat four was Chris
Always screwing up pace
What else from da Freak
He must think it’s a race

In seat five was Jason
He wasn’t paddling a bit
Just calling out orders
Like he’s the boss of this shit

In seat six was Erik
Still learning to steer
He navigated us about
Like 6 drunken reindeer

As Christmas draws close
Don’t forget to get outside
Paddle hard, paddle often
And always… enjoy the ride